Pilgrims – a collection of short stories

I don’t have a new review to post yet, but I will soon.  Yesterday I started reading Scott Jurek’s book about being an ultra-marathoner who eats a plant-based diet, called Eat & Run.  It seems to be a quick and interesting read, so it shouldn’t take me long.

In the meantime, what I have to offer is a review of Pilgrims, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book of short stories, which I read at the end of 2008.

cover art from the author’s website

I liked it more than I think most people did, because the average star rating for the book on Goodreads is three, and I gave it four.  Here’s what I thought of it:

I really enjoyed this collection.

I think my favorite thing about the stories is how they seem to be temporary glimpses into a life that has been existing and will continue to exist outside of the story. There is a little background information, but no real ‘start’ (like “once upon a time”) to them, and there is no definite end. All of the stories seemed to just stop, like the end of a chapter, without a wrap-up. It didn’t feel like I was cheated; it seemed natural.

The writing itself was relaxed and flowing, casual really, and comfortable. The stories felt genuine and unaffected – again, natural. The characters were developed enough so it was possible to get an idea of who they were, and their behavior matched that. They did and said things that made complete sense in the context of their personalities. It was easy to get involved emotionally with each character, but it still felt all right to let go at the end of the story.
It was a bit like sitting in the park, people-watching. (Actually, now that I write this review, it reminds me of the indie film “Scenes of a Sexual Nature” which was cute and funny in a similar way.)

I laughed a great deal throughout this book.
Ms. Gilbert’s writing style is witty and honest, and a real treat to read.


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One Response to Pilgrims – a collection of short stories

  1. Alpa says:

    I would try Pilgrims. I loved watching Eat,Pray, Love and Julia Roberts especially :D

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