This is not a review of two Sarah Addison Allen books.

After reading “Garden Spells” and liking it so much (see my review here), I decided I wanted to read more from Sarah Addison Allen.

I took two of her other books out of the library, which I believe were her third and fourth offerings. The library did not have “The Sugar Queen,” but I plan on seeking it out through interlibrary loan. I had intended to read her works in chronological order of publishing date, but I was too impatient to wait for an ILL, so I started with what was immediately available to me.

I started “The Girl Who Chased the Moon” right away, read through it quickly, and then immediately began “The Peach Keeper,” which I just finished this morning.

3rd and 4th Addison books

3rd and 4th Sarah Addison Allen books

I now think that this was probably a silly thing to do.

I’m having a difficult time thinking of each book in terms of its own merits. Having read three in quick succession, all my prevailing opinions about the novels are ones of comparison between them.

Since Allen seems to have recurring elements that she likes to include in her stories, there are similarities that stand out and detract from what is unique about each one. Gobbling the books up in a short period of time basically means that I can’t make a fair and objective analysis about what is successful and what is not.

I’m not saying that all my reviews are entirely objective; some are definitely not. I simply would rather think about a book as a singular entity, rather than as part of a group — unless it is one of a series, of course.

With both of these books, the plot and characters from the ones previous were too fresh in my mind.

Well, I think I’ve made my point at least a couple of times. Moving forward, I plan on reviewing a newer book next, since those reviews tend to be more relevant in terms of possibly affecting what someone might choose to read next themselves. Reviews of less recent books are fun for me, but may be less interesting to the general readership because of those books being old news.

There’s a journey to the library in the cards for me today. I will be taking out the one remaining Sarah Addison Allen book that the library has available (and probably will try to aquire “The Sugar Queen” through ILL as well), but I will wait to read it. I will take a good, long look at the new fiction shelf and see if I can find two or three things to bring home.

Keep an eye out for a fresh review in the next week or two!


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