Reading Transgressions

Not technically a review, but here’s a sort of preview of what you’ll be seeing here shortly.


I’ve been reading a lot lately, not just because I enjoy it, but because I really want to be writing more book reviews. It makes me very happy to do them. I don’t even really care if people read them. I like it when they do, and I like it when other people appreciate them, but for me it’s just a really good way to conclude my whole reading experience with the book.

I like to reflect, think about the book as a whole, and think about why I liked the things that I liked about it. It provides nice closure for me.

I also just like to write. It doesn’t much matter what, but reviewing is one of my favorite ways to do it.

Because it threw me off to binge read three Sarah Allen Addison books in a row, I was supposed to (by my own rules) wait…

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About Elizabeth M. Lee

I love to read, write, and take nature photos. I do other stuff, too.
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